Distribution and abundance of dung beetles in fragmented landscapes

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2001
Authors:T. Roslin, Koivunen A.
Date Published:Mar
Accession Number:ISI:000167629200008
Keywords:aphodius, APHODIUS SCARABAEIDAE, assemblage, COLEOPTERA, community, diversity, dynamics, europe mammals, habitat loss, metapopulation, patchy, population, resource utilization, serpentine, spatial population structure, stability

Related species utilising similar resources are often assumed to show similar spatial population structures and dynamics. This paper reports substantial ecological variation within a set of Aphodius dung beetles occurring in the same patchily distributed resource, livestock dung in pastures. We show how variation in habitat and resource selectivity, in the rate of movements between pastures, and in the distribution of local population sizes all contribute to interspecific differences in spatial population structures. Local dung beetle assemblages are compared between two landscapes with different densities of pastures. In one of the landscapes, we contrast the abundances and regional distributions of Aphodius before and after 15 years of rapid habitat loss. Different species show very dissimilar responses to changes in the structure of the landscape. Our results suggest that generalist Aphodius species, and specialist species with high dispersal powers, occur as large "patchy" populations in the landscape. In contrast? a strict pasture specialist species with limited dispersal powers (A. pusillus) forms classical metapopulations. At the community level, interspecific differences in spatial population structures make the local community composition a function of the structure of the surrounding landscape.

URL:<Go to ISI>://000167629200008
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