The diversity of dung beetles in different ecology in Sakaerat Biosphere, Northeast Thailand

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:Submitted
Authors:M. Praikhiaw, Hanboonsong, Y., Keerati-kasikorn, M.
Keywords:diversity, dung beetle

The population dynamic and diversity of dung beetles in different ecosystems (Agroecosystem, Reforestation, Disturbed diciduous-dipterocarp forest, Dry-evergreen forest, Plantation, and Undisturbed diciduous-dipterocarp forest) in Sakaerat Biosphere, Northeast Thailand, was monitored by using pig dung bait pitfall traps. Each habitat had two 20 x 20 m2 plots with 5 traps /plot. Traps were placed 2 months interval between April 2000 - June 2002. A total of 117 species from 22,177 individuals in 11 genera (Aphodius Caccobius Cassolus Catharsius Copris Onthphagus Paragymnopleurus Panellus Phacosoma Sisyphus and Synapsis) were collected from the research sites. Among those, 94 species had already been identified while 23 species were unknown. Different degree of ecosystem had effects on the dung beetles species richness and abundance. According to the Fisher’s Index, the dung beetles spechies diversity was highest in reforestation while the dung beetles species diversity in the other habitat types (Agroecosystem, Disturbed diciduous-dipterocarp forest and Undisterbed diciduous-dipterocarp forest) were not significantly different.

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