Dungbewohnende blatthornkafer (Scarabaeoidea) und Wasserkafer

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1994
Authors:T. Wassmer, Himmelsbach, W., Himmelsbach, R.
Journal:Mitt. bad Landesver. Naturkunde u. Naturschutz
Date Published:july

In an all-the-year-round survey on the coprophagous beetles of a submediterranian pasture at the Kaiserstuhl (SW-Germany), dung pads were collected twice a month (1st, 15th) and the beetles within were extracted by the method of flotation. From a total mass of 565 kg cow- and sheep-droppings, 40,298 beetles from 54 species, including 12 very rare species, could be detected.

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