Emerging model systems in evo-devo: horned beetles and the origins of diversity

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2007
Authors:A. P. Moczek, Andrews, J., Kijimoto, T., Yerushalmi, Y., Rose, D. J.
Journal:Evolution and Development
Date Published:jul/aug

Horned beetles and beetle horns are emerging as a model system suited to address fundamental questions in evolutionary developmental biology. Here we briefly review the biology of horned beetles and highlight the unusual opportunities they provide for evo-devo research. We then summarize recent advances in the development of new approaches and techniques that are now available to scientists interested in working with these organisms. We end by discussing ways to implement and combine these new approaches to explore new frontiers in evo-devo research previously unavailable to reseachers working outside traditional model organisms.

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