Escarabajos coprofagos (Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae) del Palmar de las Islas, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2008
Authors:T. Vidaurre, Gonzales, L., Ledezma, M. Julieta
ISBN Number:1991-4652
Keywords:Bolivia, Chaco Forest, Dung beetles, Palmar de las Islas, Scarabaeinae

In Palmar de las Islas (Bolivian Chaco) through fall traps we study the richness, abundance and diversity of the dung beetles in four sites with different perturbation level, mainly for the bovine livestock. In two carried out samplings, one in the dry season (September 2006) and another in the humid season (February 2007), we capture a total of 8033 individuals corresponding to 58 species, Canthon lituratus was the most abundant species in all the sites. The bigger than richness (46 species) and abundance (3391 individuals) it was obtained in the Not Intervened Forest, while in the other sites with perturbation the richness and abundance was smaller. The humid season is a decisive factor for the increment of the richness of species and the number of individuals (57 species and 7956 individuals vs 11 species and 77 individuals). The results show the sensibility of the group before different perturbation levels and the relationship with the conservation levels.

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