Faecal elimination of cypermethrin by cows after pour-on administration: Determining concentrations and measuring the impact on dung beetles

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2006
Authors:G. Virlouvet, Bichon, E., Andre, F., Le Bizec, B.
Journal:Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry
Date Published:jul-sep
Keywords:Antiparasitic drugs, Dung beetles, faecal excretion, GC-MS, pyrethroids, sample preparation

Cattle treatment withantiparasitic drugs is associatedwithanimportant riskexposure for dung beetles.Previousstudiesdemonstratedtheimpactofsomeavermectinandpyrethroidcompoundson several species suchas Onthophagus gazellaandNeomyiacornicina. However, little informationis availableregardingtheeliminationofthesecompoundsinfaeces8daysafterapour-onadministration in dairy cows. The present study, utilising a dairy cowmodel with cypermethrin treatment, demonstratedthat concentrations indryfaecescanreachlevelsof 5mgkg

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