Faunistic records from the Carpathian Basin (Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2003
Authors:A. Laszlo
Journal:Folia Historico Naturalia Musei Matraensis

Alist of some inter- esting species of scarabaeoid beetles occurring in Hungary and in the Carpathian Basin, respectively, is given. Netocia aegyptiaca, Blitopertha lineolata, Lasioplia thessalica, Amphimallon altaicum, A. furvum, Omaloplia illyricaand O. tergestinaare new to the fauna of the Carpathian Basin. Lasioplia thessalica, Omaloplia illyrica, Agoliinus piceus and Euheptaulacus alpinus are new to the fauna of Romania. Chilothorax conspurcatusis new to the fauna of Croatia. Phalacronothus quadrimaculatusis new to the fauna of Hungary. The records of 82 species and subspecies from the Carpathian Basin are dubious (based generally on misidentification or mislabelling). The following species are recorded from the Carpathian Basin but their occurrence in Hungary is improbable: Ceruchus chrysomelinus, Pentodon castaneus, Oxythyrea cinctella, Trichopertha hirtella, Lasioplia arvicola, L. deserticola, L. dispar, L. monticola monti- cola, L. villosa, Thorectes brullei, Hybosorus roei, Aphodius coniugatus, Agrilinus constans, Agoliinus piceus, Parammoecius gibbus, Phalacronothus coenosus, Amidorus obscurus, Bubas bison, Euonthophagus gibbosus, Gymnopleurus sturmii. The status of some generic and suprageneric names is discussed. BulbocerusAcharius, 1781 and ClunipesHochenwarth, 1785 have priority over LethrusFabricius, 1787 (Lethrus Scopoli, 1777 is invalid, not binomial). Geotrupes Cuvier, 1798 has priority over Geotrupes Fabricius, 1798 (GeotrupesLatreille, 1797 is invalid, not binomial). Scarabaeus herculesLinnaeus, 1758 is designated as the type species of GeotrupesFabricius, 1798. Pilularius lunusSchrank, 1798 is designated as the type species of Pilularius Schrank, 1798. Melolontha vitis Fabricius, 1775 is designated as the type species of AnomalaSchönherr, 1817. The generic names Anomalaand Anisopliashould hereafter be attrib- uted to Schönherr, not Leach or Dejean, respectively. Melolontha variolosaHentz, 1828 is designated as the type species of PolyphyllaHarris, 1841. Scarabaeus furciferRossi, 1792 is designated as the type species of Uposlotus A. Costa, 1853. Scarabaeus foetidus Fabricius, 1792 is designated as the type species of Planolinus Mulsant et Rey, 1870. Aphodius rubens Comolli, 1837 is designated as the type species of OromusMulsant et Rey, 1870. Aphodius sericatusW. L. E. Schmidt, 1840 is designated as the type species of AmidorusMulsant et Rey, 1870. Scarabaeus sacerLinnaeus, 1758 is designated as the type species of ActinophorusCreutzer, 1799. Anew suprageneric name, Actinophorini trib. n. is proposed for Scarabaeini auct. (Scaraboides Laicharting, 1781 is a senior subjective synonym of Dynastidae Kirby, 1825). New syn- onymies are established: Hoplia fissaReitter, 1903 is a junior subjective synonym of Scarabaeus argenteus Poda, 1761; Hoplia auriventrisApfelbeck, 1912 is a junior subjective synonym of Hoplia dilutipesReitter, 1890; SericotrupesZunino, 1984 is a junior subjective synonym of GeotrupesCuvier, 1798; Cheironitis Lansberge, 1875 is a junior objective synonym of UposlotusA. Costa, 1853; Anisoplia brenskei Reitter, 1889 and A. apricav. banaticaReitter, 1903 are junior subjective synonyms of Melolontha arvicola Fabricius, 1781. Hoplia unungulus(Melolontha unungulusFuesslin, 1778) is proposed as a valid name for Scarabaeus farinosus auct., nec Linnaeus, 1761 (Melolontha pulverulenta auct., nec Fabricius, 1775; Scarabaeus philanthusauct., nec Fuesslin, 1775). Anisoplia monticola minorJ. Müller, 1902 and Geotrupes vernalisvar. obscurusMulsant, 1842 are elevated to specific rank.

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