Food selection and reproductive success of Paragymnopleurus sinuatus on three kinds of dung

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2001
Authors:M. - S. Huang, Sheih, B. - S., Liang, S. - H.
Journal:Formosan Entomology
Keywords:dung beetle, food selection, Paragymonpleurus sinuatus, reproductive success

Dung beetles, using mammalian excrement as food, are important decomposers in ecosystems. The objectives of this study were to investigate the dung preferences of Paragymonpleurus sinuatus Oliver in both the field and laboratory, and to compare its reproductive success when using different kinds of dung. The results indicate that P. sinuatus prefers feeding on dung of humans and dogs, however it could reproduce successfully using all three kinds of dung (humans, dogs, and cattle). Moreover, given the same size of brood balls, offspring reared on human dung tended to be larger than those reared on the other two kinds of dung. In conclusion, P. sinuatus prefers feeding on dung of omnivorous mammals (humans and dogs) over herbivorous mammals (cattle). Additionally, both omnivore and herbivore dung can be used by P. sinuatus to reproduce successfully.

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