The insects of plant-held waters: a review and bibliography

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2001
Authors:H. F. Greeney
Journal:Journal of Tropical Ecology
Keywords:aquatic insects, bract, bromeliads, Ecuador, phytotelmata, pitcher-plant, tree-holes

Phytotelmata habitats have been the focus of much research and are utilized by a wide variety of taxa. In the past 15 years numerous studies in many geographic regions and covering various types of phytotelmata have greatly increased our understanding of these unique habitats. The most recent summary of phytotelmata inhabitants included over 20 families of insects. A review of the literature and extensive work in lowland Ecuador shows the family level diversity is in fact at least twice that reported earlier. A reassessment of previous phytotel- mata classification schemes, as well as an extensive bibliography, is provided.

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