Insetos asociados a fezes de bovinos na regiao de Sao Carlos, Sao Paulo

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1996
Authors:G. P. de Oliveira, da Silva, A. Leme, Mendes, J., Tavares, L. N. J.
Journal:Ciencia Agronomica
Keywords:bovine excrement, Entomofauna, manure fauna

The entomofauna emergent assodated to bovine dung was measured from January 1990 through December 1992} in São Carlos (SP) county} State of São Paulo} BrazzJ Feces were put close to lhe dairy barn during 24 h every 14 days. Fece samples were placed into an oven at 26°C to allow imago emergente. Insects colected were from lhe followzngfamilies: Muscidae (10 spedes: Cyrtoneurina rescita) Brontaea debilis, Morellia bipucta} M. humeralis} Pyrellia sp.} Synthsiomyia sp.} Neomuscina sp.} Graphomyia sp.} Sarcopromusca pruna} Musca domestica)} Sarcophagzdae (6 species: Oxysarcodexia thornax) O. paulistanensis} Ravinia belforti} Sacophagula sp.} Bercea haemorrhoidalis, Hybopygia terminalis)} Fanniidae (3 spedes: Fannia yenhedi) F. pusio e Fannia sp.)} S epsidae (4 specz'es: Palaeosepsis scabra) P. furcata} P. insularis e P. pusio). The following coprophagous beetles were observed: Dichotomius anaglipticus} Aphodius pseudolividus} Aphodius spp.} Eurysternus spp.} Ataenius sculptor} Ataenius spp.} Ontherus appendiculatus} Onthophagus hirculus} Onthophagus spp.} Trichillum externepunctatum} Isocropris spp.

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