Levantamento da fauna de Coleoptera que habita a carcaca de Sus scrofa L., em Curitiba, Parana, Brasil

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2007
Authors:K. Makoto Mise, de Almeida, L. Massutti, Moura, M. Osvaldo
Journal:Revista Brasileira de Entomologia
Date Published:sep
Keywords:Forensic entomology, histeridae, Silphidae, staphylinidae, succession.

This paper sought to assess the Coleoptera fauna associated with carcasses of Sus scrofa L., 1758, which is usually used as model in Forensic Entomology. The addition and sequential substitution of insect species could be used to estimate the post mortem interval (PMI). The present study took place in Centro Politécnico (UFPR), between september 2005 to september 2006. A pig weighting 15 kg was sacrificed each season and put inside a cage. Sampling is made daily in a tray placed below the carcass and in a Shannon modified trap, and each 14 days in five pit-fall traps. 4,360 beetles were collected, belonging to 112 species of 26 families, 12 were considered of forensic potential. The active collecting made in the tray was responsible for the largest number of beetles (2,023 specimens), followed by the modified Shannon trap (2,016 specimens) and by the pit-fall traps (324 specimens). Staphylinidae was more abundant in the modified Shannon trap, while Silphidae was more abundant in pit-fall traps. The main habits found are predator/parasite (55%) and omnivorous (38,05%), with only a few species considered necrophagous (1,31%).

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