Patrones de diversidad de grupos selectos de insectos en el bosque Chiquitano y pampas del cerrado de Santiago y Tucavaca, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2002
Authors:T. Gutierrez, Rumiz D.
Journal:Revista Boliviana de Ecologia y Conservacion Ambiental
Keywords:Bolivia, Chiquitano forest, diversity, indicator species, insects

As part of a biological survey of Eastern Santa Cruz, four insect indicator groups (dung beetles, Scarabaeidae; tiger beetles, Cicindelidae; tabanid dipterans, Tabanidae; and diurnal butterf l i e s , Rhopalocera) were assessed at different sites and habitats in the Serranía de Santiago and in the Valle de Tucavaca. Using four trap types, 14 211 insect specimens, belonging to 102 dung beetle species, 18 tiger beetle species, 16 tabanid species, and 83 butterfly species were collected and classified during 21 sampling days. Among the five habitats that were sampled, the semi-deciduous Chiquitano forest and the riverine forest showed higher species richness of dung beetles and butterflies than the Cerrado savannas and other habitats. Some taxa of dung beetles and butterflies were classified as habitat specialists, while fewer ones were classified as generalists. Preliminary data suggest that regional diversity depends more on movement of species between sites than on species richness of different habitats at each site. We discuss the limitations of this study and present recommendations for future surveys.

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