The Role of Dung Beetles in Nature and in the Economy

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1980
Authors:C. Rojewski
Journal:Przeglad Zoologiczny
Keywords:Animalia-, Animals-, Arthropoda-, Arthropods-, Coleoptera-: Insecta-, coprophagic fly biological control soil effect dung pollution australia, Diptera-: Insecta-, Insects-, Invertebrata-, Invertebrates-

The influence of dung beetles on environment is studied. The acceleration of organic matter circulation as a result of burying the dung into the soil by the beetles is of principal importance. The mechanical effects of beetles activity in the soil is also beneficial. The dung beetles are a very important factor in controlling coprophagic fly populations. The practical utilization of dung beetles to control dung pollution in Australia is discussed.

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