Stridulation in Aphodius dung beetles: behavioral context and intraspecific variability of song patterns in Aphodius ater (Scarabaeidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2001
Authors:P. Hirschberger
Journal:Journal of Insect Behavior
Keywords:communication, geographic variability, mate choice, mating system, substrate vibration

Aphodius dung beetles produce substrate vibrations by means of an abdomino- alary stridulatory organ. Applying a method that allows the recording of Aphodius vibrations under natural conditions in a small amount of dung, the stridulatory behavior of Aphodius ater was investigated. Male A. ater are acoustically active, while females rarely stridulate. Males have a complex song, which consists of a series of different patterns that are displayed in a specific order over a considerable time when a female is encountered in the dung. Different populations show the same stridulatory patterns but individ- ual variability is high and males display songs with differing complexity. It is hypothesized that females use the information within the song in the context of mate choice.

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