The use of dung beetles (Scarabaeoidea and Hydrophilidae) as bioindicators for the assessment of nature conservation value of pasture biotopes

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1995
Authors:T. Wassmer
Journal:Zeitschrift fur Okologie und Naturschutz
Keywords:Dung beetles

Being dependent on dung as food and breeding resources, dung beetles prove to be extremely valuable bioindicators for an evaluation of pasture biotops in nature conservation and management. A case study on the most abundant dung beetle community regarding species numbers described in Europe so far, in the Kaiserstuhl area near Freiburg (SW-Germany). 40 298 beetles belonging to 38 species of Scarabaeoidea and 14 of Hydrophilidae, were detected. There is an abridged English version. -from English summary

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